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Our Approach

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We embrace a diet of inclusion, the Health Transform Programme is not about rules around food, but positive choices.

We help you understand which foods will nourish your body to help it run at its best. Some of the food promoted in the diet industry is often highly processed and won’t help you long term. Natural, unprocessed food (sticking to the periphery of the supermarket) is best. By participating in the Programme, you will learn:

• the impact of what we are feeding our bodies
• to identify triggers to unhelpful eating patterns
• how to develop a healthy relationship with food
• tools to help you change unhelpful eating patterns
• to move away from calorie counting
• recommended portion sizes
• how advertising and the food industry impact our food consumption
• some delicious new recipes!


The Health Transform Programme promotes an individual approach to exercise which ensures exercise goals can be maintained, one size doesn’t fit all. We help you incorporate exercise into your daily lives, regardless of how busy you are. We want you to be fit and strong for the future, and advice you on the best exercises to achieve this.

Setting yourself up to succeed

Understanding the impact of food and exercise on our bodies is only part of the story. We need to be able to implement and sustain a healthy lifestyle. The Health Transform Programme looks at other factors influencing our ability to change and adopt new habits to enable you to control these to give you the best chance to succeed.

The Group Setting

The Health Transform Programme provides a safe, supportive environment. You can participate in group discussions as much as you are comfortable with. At the beginning of the Programme we set you up in an accountability group so that you can support and encourage each other between the weekly sessions, or even meet up to exercise together.





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